my head is blank as naked as  my eyes when i saw you yesterday

i love being naked with you 

but wish i ccould 

break free from  this      just kind in some place my ass is bare

arms open    smile honest and breath pure

some place with you follow me underground

and hunt for alligators with me


is just quite scary when you have to hunt alone

i forgot my headlamp and could really use

your light to show meme

how to get home back to the platform

i also could use your reptile wrangling 

spellbinding tricks

to lure him into my bag

alligator bag

with an alligator insidde of it

if you hold my hand 

i will kiss you twisted

and let you keep 

the fangs if you

want them

alligator fangs

make fitting homes 

for your souls

and other ramblings of young

girls in tompkins sqaure park

i love you