July l8 2015 Squaring the Circle pages from in search

of Lost Time, riding a camel in the Sahara

Practicing Holy Listening with Bristlemouthfish

The Deeper you go the Strannger things Get 

The Tree of Lifeis a Living Fossil

Limitless Order Ltd.

Akiri .Tautura.a. The Lizards 3rd Eye 

Focus here now

The Way Sunflowers close their faces into Fists

Gods Cuckoo clock. We r what we think .

A poem about modern insanity typed thus first with Letters of Lightinto a smalll Mstsalalli rockthat feeds me i fo I think matters abooiut things that may or may not affectme but everythings connected I know this personally working in theDark Arts of Spee h where we prey upon the lonely old zge boredom us ninjasof the comebACK US THE THIN SKINNED TIME MASTER s the mind lovk

Pickers pocketing joyful wallets yet all really artsits every one.Cuz alldesperate for beauty, for the veil to the fall back from the Thighs for theReal Human Contact the awkward pauses swhere Reality mreahaeats widefirst kissexs happe final words butterfly open we blink with wonder

So I keep dialing waking up listeni ng for the Voice at the Other End to Tellme Yes. Yes. Yes

Time is the Fire i which we burn. Cross roads Stages

Yr progressed moon moves into Taurus

the Sign of the Bull. And you sell tickets to a Circus

Thats the XSeeimg Pla es for the most Powerful Slice of the Worlds Pop.

The Capital of Earth. A Tu an Thraot Sung Word foor Reality?

You sot in a toll booth as the bereaved and bewildered the woundedand the widowd . Ca;ll out to you . YouL Cuz the News said Snowl And thehy cant lea e their millionaire caves withouit breaking a hip. So they Subs ribe to the Storyl And well find them Seats, another Seat o the slow oat to the waters of tne Imaginatiopn. Our imagination.

Treated as an Artist, uncertain what medium, childsaint, holy ffool, lostDay camper redaing the tea leaves of the Zoffac casting Dream nets to catch the Legendary beheamonthof English dept and mental asylums The Best Story Ever and once or twice he caught sight of its Tale. Usually while huffinf electrical fumes off the insanity cliffs behind St Emerics church in the Power Plants Shadow sw wwCarrying truck dic3 he bought on the Last us out of Vegas o NYE20l0

At least now he sa tarezd out a window at a brick wall glowing gold slowly his World Opens upand All hthe Best Dreams Bloo .E erything that Happen s is Ho.ly.