i wonder what's gonna happen i n the future. it's always been delusional since that day.

sometimes i wonder why it was us, there were so many other deserving people

of this consequince . 

why did fate just suddenly drop on us?

i board the train and the doors close.

i reget getting on , i've should have stayed with f.r.

it's not good to leave anyoine behind said blonde .

before she left with the baby.


before she left us.

but it does no goodt to mour n. it wont change anything, it wont renew

the past. i looked out the window, admiring the lucious treesas we made

our way to the mountain train stop. soon enough, we were left off  the train, and i scanned the ground from the window to see a him

waiting for m.i made my way to him, preparing myself for what will come

next. wish me luck, precious reader.