i started writing my book called the last MinstreL . It was to be the great African American novel, in the same vein as Invisible Man or the like. I 

got sidetracked though, due to the imperious demands of my own life. This and that

and that and this etc. But The Last Minstrel,hmmmmm. He was to be my alter ego

my me, in times of trouble, so say writers more profound than myself.

Hardick was his name. his nom de plum so to speak. A Southern man, not of the 

gentry, but more so of the street. He used forks of course, knives in his back

pocket sure. A small bottle of pepper in his front shirt facing flap.

I wanted to be a writer, that is, I wanted to make a living from my words.Well 

Well the jurys still out on that accord. My name is Jeff Carterer. I love all of