this is our third secrect date.A secret date is what we call a date that one person plans without telling the other personAdds a little fun and mystery to it, don;t you think? I'd say it's been a unanimous success, and adds something to look forward to each week. We also realized that there are so many amazingly interesting places to visit in new york city. It8s been a wonderful journey of discovering new places in the city and in us.

On a separate note, I want to thank m him for bringing me to this typewrit -er .My grandfather taught me how to use one years ago. The memories are now blurry but still brought this warm and cozy sensation back. I miss you grandpa... Your little girl is all grown us and living in this city with a man she loves..I hope that you are now living in a wonderful place, being hapy and comfortable, maybe even a little tipsy, as I know that,s how you love to live..