Let's talk numbers True lovers

I'll happily forget all the others

Like the number of days until I see you again

Or the number of letters in the last text you sent

Let's talk about all that

Let's talk about how our hearts match

How your affections are like a warm bath

How you don't try to reduce me to simple math

How you know there's much more too me than that

Talk to me, enlighten this darkened heart

Tell me why you're always afraid to start

Let's count each bruise and burn

Let's talk strategy -- this isn't a eulogy

I'm here to shield you from harm

Let's accept that I have very open arms

Let's count the freckles on your skin, let's make a map,

So I always know how to find my way back in

Please, let's talk numbers, lover

Let's add the passion and attraction,

Subtract the mishaps and the flatlands

You're mine, no doubt in this mind. - Dana Espinosa