For Adam-I remember when I was young My insides were as pliable as mud

You could shove your hands in it

Mold me into whatever you'd like to see

That's what I was like, before you met me

Now I'm rotten on the outside,

Dried and withered,

My stomach is the peach's pit

Good luck getting rid of it

Trust me, I've tried.

But I want to be gooey and new

Just for you, just for me, just like I used to be

Soften me with your tears,

Crack this shell of fears,

Trust me, it's Hell

Turn me back into softened earth

Drag your hands through new rich soil

I promise you, if you just try,

I could nourish some new life. Fruit falls

When unpicked

We let it, we like

Messiness and juice-fermentation


Spitting stones and pouring ourselves


So the seeds may grow

Into fruits that taste

Of us Summer Solstice 

Strawberry Moon

The sun,

The stars

Growing in my womb

Tender soil,

Heavy air

Cradled within

Our safe cocoon