hello mamahello mama

this is the summer

summer is us

is breathing and wanting wishing and drenched in nostalgia 

when visions were

the dreams we made happen on the corners of city streets with 10

lovers we meet 30 minutes ago i ache for that type of sponaniety 

all over again

i ache for that type of self that lives and breathes

creativity without restraint 

without borders eched from anxiety or wanting

or things that are impossibly intangible  where are you from


where are you from 




other one

outside this place

outside this city

impossibly here through the turmoil

this is everything

this is overpriced and pathetic

overpriced and ticketed

ticketed and locked into being a dream of

suburban fever cut grass and careers that i dont give a shit about

i dont give a shit about

the cut grass and the 401k but ive been swirled into a shot glass and

im forgetful of who i am