The EaseThe ease gets lost sometimes.

Somedays are almost impossible to find.

i try to put faith in myself or a divine guidance

to bring the ease closer into me.

the prayer must be persistent, Adam

because what is real will certainly persist.

All i want is ease. To feel ease, at least a touch

through whatever I'm living out.

I've confused what I love.

I've lost the footing in my love.

I keep having to choose to remember to trust myself and my heart.

Why did I make it so hard?

It was not my intention...but I'm starting to think

it started becoming my test. A test to grow through.

A test to get back into my heart voice,

and out of the fear voice. or at ease from it.

They say the ease is always as available as the air.

Hard to hold, but I know it's truth.

Melt, melt, melt, melt, melt away.

And leave me with the ease.                                            AJS