Top Five Greatest Hits: 1. As I was violently ill through alcohol poisening in a tent on the edge of Ginnie Springs, I attempted to keep my green face smiling to assure him there was nothing to worry about. He whispered

 "I love you" 

but I was convinced it was a hallucination. My heart raced before I echoed it back.

2. When my brother, the boy who spat at me and pegged me with oranges, the kid who used me as a target for paintball, my evil older brother told me that he'll vote for me as president. At age 8, I was overjoyed.

3. We drove 9 hours to reach The Great Smokey Mountains. It was New Years Eve. Our hike was to the Alum Cave Trail and we kept hiking 3 more hours up through hunger and rationed water bottles. We hit the top of Mount Leconte just at sunset. We popped our smuggled beers and looked over the Islands of the Sky, ignoring that we have a 5 hour hike back. In the dark. And that brownbears don't hibernate. Our beer bottles whissled as we ran down the mountain, racing the sun.

4. Being moved up from Level B to D at The Ailey Dance School in NYC at the age of 15. My hard work was being validated.

5. At home, there is a teeny island called Snake Island where we would drink the night away by the campfire and skinny dip into the inner coastal. That morning after, swimming in the refreshing salt water as the sun rose, later breaststroking back to the mainland for pancakes with my best friend.