empty tomb*i fell victim to a different kind of death.

a death of pride.

i no longer care about you.

i no longer look for your coinsidences

i am dead to you in a grave of self confidence

i am in

a grave of expression

a tomb of silent ideas that i love and will pray for

it happened really slowly.

it was more like a

                      man walking middle eastern sand dunes

                      one day he is caught in a snare -- a pool of quick sand

                       but he has no idea because it is slow sinking

                      he struggles to get out. but the more he moves

                       the more he sinks. so he decides to move slowly

                      thinking mistakenly that his speed is what made

                      him sink. he moves in one direction, thinking his

                       turns and direction is making him sink.

                       he stops everything he knows until he falls victim

i sense your opinions but i do not care. they mean the world 

to me, a world that i hope to never return. @wonderful.people


eric shabazz-larkin