the whole world is watching. i see the individual above me wrote something similar. it is not white vs black. not rich vs poor. not cops vs society. it is humanity vs the inhumane. we all have humanity, some of us have accessed the inhumane. keep yourself afloat. see the beauty in every moment. you can't fight hate with more hate. my friend, things can change every day. we change. with tragedy comes the desperate desire for community. my two friends above me, we are united, on this paper. in this world. my fingers pressing the keys where you just stomped your fears into ink. i feel the resignation of your sorrow, for i sit here trying to stomp out my own. god this heat. oh god the racism. please god, the murders. god these keys are sticking. my mind is clear whispering faith into the moment to come when my two friends above me and i are united, stomping out inhumanity as a strong and ruthless and loving community that we are. that is what will arise, the murders will end if it's the last thing we do. i promise. see you on the battlefield. and get some rest. you can't be tired. be present. hold space. it means more than you'd think.