Don’t they realize? Couldn’t you tell? Aren’t we listening? The man on the TV who said he was a Republican and is now eligible for being elected President

Is, fundamentally, a Totalitarian.

Couldn’t you see? The look in his eyes, the ferocity of his voice,

the content of his words?

The hatred that he inspired in millions watching?


I guess not. I guess it’s not so clear that Fascism is on its way,


and that we must do Every Single Thing We Can to prevent that man from taking the reins of power.


Thus begins an era of politics of hate

When citizens choose bigots to conduct affairs of the state


You think I am alarmist?

Well, what would you have said

Had this been Germany in 1933 instead?


Or in Franco’s Spain

Or in China under Mao

Or North Korea right now?


When Jews and gays are hunted down

Like animals and shot

And ordinary people jailed for life

For smoking pot

When unemployment's soaring

And the liberal press retreats

When Congress every faintly progressive law

Proposed defeats

Don't be too surprised

When you see rioting in the streets

Don't say you're not ready

Or you hadn't been told before

Don't be shocked when you hear Nazis

Pounding at the Door


- Gregory from Staten Island