do you ever wonder why people don't use typewriters anymore, they are incredibly fun. Smiles in the dark. You can't quite see. Moonshine and tea. Smiles in the dark, shine people sleeping on the subway, grey brown buildings, ads with huge smiles, your head down, in your phone, your joy brings me sadness but only cos i wanna share it with you. advice to me: stay present. I hope you see the life of a flower. I once knew life, the joy of wind blowing across my face, the warmth of the sun making me feel safe, the drops of water helping me grow into something i never was. I once knew joys swaying with my brothers in a dance of joy, hiding in the shadows of the night in a game of hide and seek with the light of day. I once knew love, the look given to me and the words of praise for my beauty, the gentle touch of a finger against my soft skin, the warmth of someone placing their face near me to embrace my essence. the one thing i lived for once knew fear, touch of ice the harshness of drought, the emptiness of being alone, but now i only know death taken from my home, taken from the things i cherished, taken from the things i feared, the hand death though it isn't always what you think, for i am giving life joy and love to someone maybe this is all that i need C.D.Ross